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Re: Terrorist

>>lab Voragh:
>>>Okrand comments:
>>>   "The meaning of this saying, of course, is that one who has the ability
>>>    to instill fear can exert control over those who are afraid; there is
>>>    more to power than physical force." (TKW p.109)
>>>This last {vIttlhegh} is the most relevant as it is the actual aim 
>>>of all terrorists, whatever the alleged political goals of any 
>>>particular gang.
>>it reminds me on star wars and the dark side of force...
>jIHvaD <<Hov noHmey>>, <<HoS>> Dop Hurgh je qawmoH...
>It reminds me of "Star Wars" and the dark side of the "Force" (i.e. energy).
>HoS'e' yIlo', Luke!
>Use the Force, Luke!
>[toH, jIHvaD Dal ghu' 'e' vIchID.
>  Okay, I admit it:  I'm bored!]


Da' jIHvaD DalDi' ghu' nuq Da(?do?) 'e' DaSov.
(at least you know what to do when you're bored.)

Dop Hurgh HoS law''a'? - ghobe'. ghobe'. ghobe'.
(is the dark side stronger? - no. no. no.)


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