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RE: RE: KLBC: adverbs

> >> > DIvI' Hol pab permey Dalo'chugh mu'mey 'Iq ngaS tetlhlIj.
> >> qatlh mu'mey 'Iq?
> >> Why too many words?
> >What you have does match the english.
> Oh, yes. I must have been dreaming :-)
> I actually only repeated what she said,
> like
> - <<mu'mey 'Iq ngaS tetlhlIj>>
> - <<mu'mey 'Iq??! qatlh?>>

I understand, which is why instead of saying you were wrong, I said "to be a
grammatical sentence"

> >And, if you're going to put the word in quotes, it's "adverbial".
> nuq?
> You mean speaking english?
> I know that I don't know exactly the word.
> what's the difference adverbial/adverb?
> chay' pIm mu'meyvam?

You were quoting MO; he use "adverbial" (whatever the difference is, if

> >My list of adverbials (I make grouped lists also) has 38 words.
> Oh, it's good to know that. Now I can verify when I got them all :-)
> (Is {buy' ngup} used here?)

Well, I don't think the news is THAT good.

DloraH, BG

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