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Philosophy: QubwI' *HeraqlIt


ben law'qu' jatlh *greece* QubwI' *HeraqlIt: "panta rhei".
mu'tlheghvam DamughDI', jatlh <vIHtaH Hoch>.
yInlu'taHvIS choH Hoch 'e' Hech mu'tlhegh.
'ach Hoch mu'mey mughlu'DI', qech rap tu'lu''a'?
*greece* (no') Hol jatlhlaH vay' 'e' vItul.

Many years ago, the greek philosopher Heraklit said "panta rhei".
Translated, this means "everything moves".
The sentence means that during your life, everything is changing.
But when you translate it literally, what does that mean?
I hope that somebody can speak (ancient) greek.


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