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Re: how to learn Klingon without books

lab layten:

>Even without the books, there is enough translation and discussion in this 
>list that I *think* it's possible to learn the language without other 
>materials, although of course it's more time consuming. The Klingon Word 
>of the Day (KWOD) is a good place to start. Keep detailed notes of what 
>other people say here, and be patient. Use what you know as much as you 
>can, and of course you can ask questions. Good luck!

The other way to learn is to go to Qo'noS for a few months and immerse 
yourself in the language.  But if you can't afford $10 for a second-hand 
TKD on e-Bay, you can't afford the fare for your passage.

You could learn the vocabulary from the free program KLIflash, and the 
grammar step by step from here.  The result might be a bit like an 
identikit sketch of a wanted criminal: close enough to recognize, but not 
the best likeness.  If you are willing to invest the number of hours of 
your life that learning Klingon entails, you should be able to come up with 
a few bucks for the book.  You can, after all afford internet access.  That 
would buy you at least two books a month here.

wanI' muqawmoH.  DuSaQDaq puq jIHtaHvIS HaSta much wIbej net 
poQ.  qaStaHvIS wa'maH tup vIbejtaH 'ach jIHvaD Dalmo' jItlheD.  paq Daj 
vISam 'ej paqwIj vIlaD.  Hoch Hogh much 'ay' wIbej net poQ, 'a Hoch Hogh 
HaSta pa' maghoStaHvIS jISo'.  much vIbejbe'.  qaStaHvIS paQDI'norgh motlh 
much qellu'.  rInpu'DI' much, much qelbogh ghItlh qonnIS Hoch 
ghojwI'.  vIqon 'ej parHa' ghojmoHwI'.  qechmey parHa'bogh ghojmoHwI' 
vIghojpu', 'IjtaHvIS.

SKI: reminds me of the time I wrote an essay on a show I'd never seen, 
based entirely on class discussion of the show.

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