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Re: Philosophy: QubwI' *HeraqlIt

> ben law'qu' jatlh *greece* QubwI' *HeraqlIt: "panta rhei".
> mu'tlheghvam DamughDI', jatlh <vIHtaH Hoch>.
> yInlu'taHvIS choH Hoch 'e' Hech mu'tlhegh.
> 'ach Hoch mu'mey mughlu'DI', qech rap tu'lu''a'?
> *greece* (no') Hol jatlhlaH vay' 'e' vItul.
> Many years ago, the greek philosopher Heraklit said "panta rhei".
> Translated, this means "everything moves".
> The sentence means that during your life, everything is changing.
> But when you translate it literally, what does that mean?
> I hope that somebody can speak (ancient) greek.

After reading: > mu'tlheghvam DamughDI', jatlh <vIHtaH Hoch>.
and before reading: > yInlu'taHvIS choH Hoch 'e' Hech mu'tlhegh.
I thought you were talking about physics.  Everything is moving -- everything 
is vibrating, etc.

/vIHtaH Hoch/ is simply "everything is continuously moving"; not necessarily 
going anywhere, but there is motion of some kind.

Any the english of the greek is just as misleading.

DloraH, BG

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