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Re: adverbials + -Ha'

Voragh said:

Well, that's one of the things this mailing list is for:  to share 
information.  I try to keep up with these little grammatical insights, 
revealed a bit at a time in various fora (interviews, conventions, 
qep'a'mey, st.klingon, etc.) by Okrand, but my system isn't foolproof.

Speaking of such tidbits of insight into the language, at Farpoint 1.5 weeks
ago, Marc Okrand mentioned the "origin" of the word {pe'vIl}. He said that
he made the word what it is because of twins he knew, Pat & Phil, whose
names he incorporated into this word.
yaH chu' vISuq. ghaytan De' Quv chu' vISuq je. lI'taH <>  (lI'choHba' <> )
I got a new job. I don't know what email I'll have when I start there, but
my email address of <>
works fine now.
- taD

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