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Re: pawwI' paSqu' (was RE: qep'a' plans)

>tulwI' (Stephan) wrote:
>>>   {reghuluS 'Iwghargh}  Regulan bloodworm
>>a bloodworm of Regulan. it's ok.
>In English the noun is Regulus, the adjective is Regulan.
>>>   {'Iw HIq}  bloodwine
>>maybe the wine is really made of blood? or was at some time.
>Not made from blood, per se, but rather flavored with blood:
>   Domestic {HIq} is distilled from a number of different kinds of grain
>   ({tIr}), with some additional constituents (of both plant and animal
>   origin, including {'Iw}, "blood") adding flavor and strength. {'Iw HIq
>   (bloodwine) is served warm to hot (best is {porgh Hat}--"body temperature",
>   though it is not clear whose body) and should be very dark red in color."
>   (KGT 94-95)
>   Animal blood ({'Iw}) is found primarily in alcoholic beverages, but the
>   milk (nIm) of some creatures (such as the targh [targ]) is combined with
>   other ingredients to form drinks of rather complex flavor, though it is
>   seldom consumed by itself. (KGT 95)

ok. thank you.
i don't know whether MO follows some rules, but there _could_ be 
rules. maybe he just did it this way to confuse us. i don't know. i 
give up.

>>>Two words in Klingon, one word in English.  Considering that 
>>>Paramount always writes "bloodwine" as one word, I was expecting 
>>>to see *{'IwHIq} in Klingon, like {'Iwghargh} and {'Iwchab}. 
>>>Okrand, however, chose to spell it as two words in KGT... perhaps 
>>>just to be contrary <g>.
>>perhaps. but what means "<g>"?
><grin> = indicates a joke or other facetious statement



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