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Re: pawwI' paSqu' (was RE: qep'a' plans)

lab SuStel:

>>From: Stephan Schneider <>
>>/muDDuj/ - plane
>>/mebpa'/ - hotel
>>is this grammatical? can we form such nouns without having canon
>>sentences from MO?
>/mebpa'mey'/ is a word that appears in KLINGON FOR THE GALACTIC 
>TRAVELER.  */muDDuj/ does not appear in anything Okrand has written; 
>I don't accept it as a "canonical" word myself.  However, lack of 
>words for various kinds of vehicles have encouraged list members to 
>invent their own words.

it seems to me a bit like latin words for "computer" and "video 
cassette". but what can we do, on the other hand? did MO say anything 
about this?


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