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Re: -lu' and -be', small aside on Paul Simon

DaH Voragh jang tulwI':
>>but why no /He ghoSbogh/ - "the route that proceeds"?
>That would be {ghoSbogh He} if {He} is the subject of {ghoS}.
>I should have translated it as: {He ghoSlu'bogh} "a route that one 
>follows, a route which is followed"

i forgot... _you_ translated it?
but on the other hand... the translation _is_ /He ghoSlu'bogh/, so, 
yes, "a route that one follows". ok. qatlho'.

>>what does /ghoS/ acutally mean? "to follow a route"?
>{ghoS} is a general verb of motion with a variety of English 
>glosses: thrust, follow a course, proceed, come toward, approach, go 
>to, etc.

"move from a to b"?

>I've never heard this anecdote, but the two choices would more 
>likely have been the very formal, upper-class "for whom are you 
>going to vote?" vs. the folksy, democratic "who you gonna vote for?".

i didn't rememberqu'. ;)
it was something like that.


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