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Re: Yet another translation.

(quotations are from DloraH)

>Without a conjuntion it sounds a little more "straight forward" to me,
>which is a klingon attribute.  Plus to me, "but" doesn't seem proper.
>A "but" attaches two sentences that are a little bit contradictory.
>These two sentences which we're using here do not contradict; they are
>in agreement. If any conjuction I would think "and".  But I prefer none
>and simply list separate sentences next to eachother.  I believe we
>have a couple canon examples but I can't think of them right now
>(and I'm at work.)
>Depending how the english is written, a "but" could be appropiate for
>the ENGLISH translation.

Well, though I do not think that the sentences agree(after all, the
meaning is quite opposite), I trust you when you say that "no
conjunction" is more fitting.
It's an odd feeling when there is no conjunction, it doesn't feel wrong,
it is just that I am used to conjuctions.

Anyway, thanks for the help.


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