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Re: Yet another translation.

ja' (Christoph PICHLMANN):
>Well, though I do not think that the sentences agree(after all, the
>meaning is quite opposite),

The meanings are not opposite.  They are complementary.

Note that I could have said:  "The meanings are not opposite, but they are
complementary."  The phrasing without the conjunction has the appropriate
emphasis for what I meant.  The phrasing with the word "but" seems somewhat
weaker, and is not really what I wanted to get across.

Using the conjunction "but" serves as a disclaimer on the first phrase,
essentially explaining that it isn't quite true, or at least isn't the
entire truth.  In the {-taHbe'} and {-lI'} statements, I think both are
equally important and a "but" between them merely detracts from the
{-taHbe'} idea.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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