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Re: Re: Yet another translation.

> >I think I would also remove the /'ach/.  It's not wrong, it can be in
> >there.
> Why not use it then? Is it custom not to use it? The "It's not
> wrong..." doesn't sound like "It's ok to use it" - it seems as if
> there is missing a "but" in that sentence.

Without a conjuntion it sounds a little more "straight forward" to me, which is 
a klingon attribute.  Plus to me, "but" doesn't seem proper.  A "but" attaches 
two sentences that are a little bit contradictory.  These two sentences which 
we're using here do not contradict; they are in agreement.  If any conjuction I 
would think "and".  But I prefer none and simply list separate sentences next 
to eachother.  I believe we have a couple canon examples but I can't think of 
them right now (and I'm at work.)
Depending how the english is written, a "but" could be appropiate for the 
ENGLISH translation.

> Well, I guess I'll stay with
> "tlhIngan Hol'e'; DaghojtaH, not DaghojlI'."
> I think it sounds nice and seems to be fitting to be told to people
> who don't understand klingon at all.
> One last questions: the "not" - is it spoken the same way as the
> english "not"?

The o is always pronounced as a long o, like in "bone".
Klingon /not/ sounds like english "note".

DloraH, BG

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