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Re: {qIm} and {qImHa'}

ja' Voragh:
>Have you received the new HolQeD #32 yet?  There's a new (old?) example of
>{qIm} taking an object in Okrand's notes from ST5:
>  jemS tIy qIrq. loDHom jIHDI' qIrq qun vIqImchoH.
>  James T. Kirk. I've followed his history since I was a boy.
>This complements another transitive example which was heard in the film:
>  HeDaj yIqIm
>  Track her course! ST5

Ouch.  lo'vam vIlajnISlaw'.  lu', lo'DI' latlh vIyajqang.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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