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{qIm} and {qImHa'}

ja' ~mark:
>Huh.  Me, I just assumed that the canon {qImHa'} clarified the meaning of
>{qIm}, that {qIm} really *does* take an object.  Obviously, like all
>intransitives, it can be used without one, but it certainly does seem
>reasonable to me that it means "to pay attention TO SOMETHING."

Of course, you're also one who likes to think of {jeS} "participate" as
taking an object, just because it seems reasonable to you that it means
"participate IN SOMETHING".  Never mind the extra prepositions you have
to add in order to get it to mean that, it's just *obvious* to you that
it has to have that meaning. :-)

I'm going to stick with the more restricted definitions given to us, at
least until such time as looser ones are made official by Okrand.  With
the knowledge that suffixed verbs are in the dictionary just to make it
easier to look them up, I'm going to take the definition of {qIm} as an
absolutely correct one.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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