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Re: KLBC two semi-old posts to be critiqued please

ja'pu' Mark A Miles <> wrote:
>QIt tlhIngan Hol vIHaD je

ja' charghwI':
>"I also slowly study Klingon language." I'll offer as a note
>that when Okrand has talked about the use of {je} as an adverb
>like this, the details he talked about (much to my frustration)
>consistently took the form that someone else studies Klingon
>language and I do, too. He never has used it or explained it in
>the form "I do other things and I study Klingon, too."

Actually, he did explain it that way.  TKD section 5.3, page 55:

  The noun conjunction {je} has an additional function:  when it
  follows a verb it means "also, too".

  {qaleghpu' je} "I also saw you, I saw you too"

  As in English, the meaning of such sentences is ambiguous:
  "I and others saw you" or "I saw you and others."  The exact
  meaning is determined by context.

>Meanwhile, I don't know any Klingonist (except Okrand) who has
>not used it the way you did.

Okrand explicitly stated the possibility that it could be used this way.
He just didn't disambiguate the example one way or the other.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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