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RE: a young Warrior

Welcome to the list, Gabor. My name is pagh, and I am the current Beginners'
Grammarian for the list. It's my job to help new people learn Klingon.
Whenever you have a post you want help with, mark it for my attention with a
KLBC in the subject line.

jatlh Gabor Szabolcs Koszper:

> Greeting!
> I apologize, I don't speak yet so good the warrior's language 
> (I wouldn't apologize using the warrior's language). I'm 
> Gabor son of vIlmosh from the house of Qosper. (I don't know, 
> if the spelling is ok, I will correct it later.) I'm hungarian, 
> so I can add some foreign language plus, that could help in 
> the warrior's language.

qay'be'. tugh yIghoj!
No problem. Learn soon :)

>  To the Klingon's nautical technicus terminus: what does 
> calicap mean? I heard it like that, when I heard the 
> klingons speak in English, and in German.

That's "kellicam" in English and <qelI'qam> in Klingon. It's a unit of
linear measure - about 2 kilometers.

> And I think, that the makers of the films don't think 
> about not to mirror translate the expressions like 
> zero zero zero mark two. I don't think, that they would 
> mean it so seriously the series. (I think they should 
> have.) 

> What about the Klingon speak for example in the first
> movie? Is it not canon? Or is it a "bit" canon? I liked 
> it.

It is indeed canon. The Klingon in the first film was made up by James
Doohan (Scotty) and (I believe) Mark Lenard, and spoken by Mark Lenard,
playing the Klingon commander. When Marc Okrand was hired to do the dialog
for the third film, he used the Klingon from the first film as a basis for
his work.

>  Who knows what the word klingon means? We here in Hungary 
> say it klingon, as in english or german. (I didn't think, 
> that some languagews say other words.)

It is possible that <tlhIngan> is derived from <tlhIn> or <tlhIng> plus
<ngan> - "inhabitant of", where <tlhIn> or <tlhIng> is an old name for the
Klingon homeworld (now called <Qo'noS>) or some place on the homeworld.
There is no way to know for sure. 

The one thing I can say for sure is that "Klingon" or <tlhIngan> means
"Klingon" - a bumpy foreheaded person of the humanoid species that
originated on <Qo'noS>.

> But in german the ferengi sounds like ferrendi and 
> they say funny the cardassians. We say vulcans or 
> vulcanits. (Or in hungarian: "vulkanita" in plural: 
> "vulkanitak" with an apostroph above the last letter 
> a.) And the hungarian "r" is the same as the klingon 
> "r" so I like it.

>  Bit off topic: Do you know the band Manowar? I think it 
> would be great in the warrior's language, its texts are 
> made for it! so for now, I wave goodbye:

QoQ ghomvetlh vIghovbe'.
I don't recognize that band.

Beginners' Grammarian

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