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RE: a young Warrior

QI'ja nuq neH !

You might not know about me yet, my name is Geryon and I am a tlhIngan 
colonist living in the chintoka system. A friend of mine (to whom I 
frequently forward the digest is located at Ty'gokor (he assimilated it...))

I'm new to the tlhIngan Hol mailing list and I look forward to both list 
mails as well as private ones. I must warn you:

tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhbe (well this is the closest I could come I don't think 
that vIjatlhqoq is allowed in tlhIngan grammar, but maybe you could 
enlighten me....)

>If there's anyone else out there I don't know about, speak up NOW!

I just did !!

tlhIngan maj!



We are Borg, lower your firewall and surrender your homepage. Your 
biological and technological Java scripts will be added to our own. Your 
terminal connection will adapt to service us.
              RESISTANCE IS FUTILE !

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