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RE: a young Warrior

ja' pagh:
>It is possible that <tlhIngan> is derived from <tlhIn> or <tlhIng> plus
><ngan> - "inhabitant of", where <tlhIn> or <tlhIng> is an old name for the
>Klingon homeworld (now called <Qo'noS>) or some place on the homeworld.
>There is no way to know for sure.

We have a clue on the Bird of Prey poster.  Among other things, it says:

  tlhIngan juHqo'Daq tlhIng yoSDaq 'oH toQDuj chenmoHlu'meH Daq wa'DIch'e'

  1st Construction Site: The Kling District, Klingon Home World

Apparently, {tlhIng} is a current name for a district on the Homeworld.
Its older significance, if any, is still unknown.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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