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Re: a young Warrior

In article <CBD6795F70A5D211B2B20008C733321AE0B924@INFINITI2>, Andeen,
Eric <> writes
>jatlh Gabor Szabolcs Koszper:
>>  Who knows what the word klingon means? We here in Hungary 
>> say it klingon, as in english or german. (I didn't think, 
>> that some languagews say other words.)
>It is possible that <tlhIngan> is derived from <tlhIn> or <tlhIng> plus
><ngan> - "inhabitant of", where <tlhIn> or <tlhIng> is an old name for the
>Klingon homeworld (now called <Qo'noS>) or some place on the homeworld.
>There is no way to know for sure. 

>From Okuda's Star Trek Encyclopedia:

Kling: A district or city on the _Klingon Homeworld_. The renegade
Korris spoke disparagingly of "the traitors of Kling." [Heart of Glory,

Okuda remarks: At the time the episode was written, Kling was intended
as the name of the Klingon Homeworld. Once the episode was filmed, it
was realized that the name sounded pretty silly, so later scripts simply
referred to "the Homeworld." The only time the Homeworld was given a
name was in ST6, when it was called _Qo'noS_.

So... I guess it's another monumental backfit. :)

Matt Johnson <>

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