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Re: pongwIj

jatlh DujHoD:
> Assuming you're pronouncing it the English way (how I've heard it
> pronounced), I suggest {rejIy'na}. This would have the advantage of
> the stress on the correct syllable, qar'a'?

I don't know about you, but I don't pronounce "Regina" with a glottal stop

The "Klingonish" name {rejIyna} exactly matches my English pronunciation of
the name, except for the trilled {r} at the beginning and the {e} instead of
a schwa in the first vowel sound.  Since stress in Klingon is usually not
explained to us unless we have an audio tape to listen to (TKD says it can
only provide guidelines), stress need not be indicated in any way.

When I first heard others at qep'a' wejDIch pronouncing my name {SuStel}, I
was surprised to hear the {tel} being stressed, instead of the {SuS}, which
I stress.  TKD tends to support stressing the last syllable of a noun
without a glottal stop at the end of another syllable, but the rules aren't
hard and fast.  I pronounce my name with the {SuS} stressed.

(I also realized later that many people were probably thinking of it as {Su}
+ {Stel}.  This is obviously not possible for Klingon syllables.  I realized
this when I started frequenting a few chat rooms with non-Klingon speakers
using {SuStel} as my nickname.  They figured it was "Su" + "Stel," and
started calling me "Su."  Clearly, some people reading this list were doing
the same thing in their heads, or something similar.  It's like people who
see {Qapla'} and think it's {Qa} + {pla'}.  It's not.  It's {Qap} + {la'}.

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