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Re: help with name

On 8 Dec 1999, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:

> >Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 17:41:24 -0500 (EST)
> >From: malqa <[email protected]>
> I probably missed the boat here, but...
> Is the name "b'ruchah" as in "blessed" (past passive participle, feminine)?
> Or "b'rachah" (which is more commonly a Hebrew/Yiddish name) with
> Ashkenazic pronuncion (which tends to back the vowel some)?

The name I have choosen to use is my Hebrew/Yiddish middle name which was
Berucha in a Jewish/English book I found in the library. It does indeed
mean Blessed. As you probably figured , the name I use malqa is the
translation of my Hebrew/Yiddish name that was spelled Malka. No one ever
spelled the middle name to me. I used to spell it Bruka not knowing at
all until I found it in this book.  It is supposed to be Malka
b'ruchah (sounds) right but not the spelling I found.

> As has been mentioned, you really want the Klingon {H}, which is pretty
> much the same as the Hebrew sound in question.  Maybe beruHa' to get the
> final stress as in Hebrew (but not Yiddish).  Maybe not, since the -Ha'
> makes you wonder what it's "undoing".  As has been mentioned, I'm sure,
> Klingon doesn't allow consonants together at the beginnings of
> words/syllables, and {'} is a consonant.  The main reason you see so many
> apostrophes in Klingon names from Star Trek is that the writers think
> apostrophes look cool and make the names look alien.  They also seem to
> think that Klingon has lots of consonant clusters, which is actually not
> the case.  You can put one in AFTER the e, if you want one...
> ~mark
So in your opinion , what should I use ? 
be'ruHa   ? pronounced Bay-rucha ? That would be ok to me. 

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