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Re: KLBC: Do'Ha'

jatlh Regina:
> HIja'. But in my example, I think "legh" would really be okay, even though
> I actually cannot see. But I would really be happier, if I could have
> said: "7.15 p.m. jupwI' vIghompu'"!

The real question becomes: does the English idiom "I saw my friend at 7:15
PM" work the same way in Klingon?  It might not.  If it does, you're safe,
but if it doesn't, you've made a mistake.

Regardless of whether or not you have sight, I'd suggest avoiding use of
{legh} for this meaning.  Your own suggestion is perfect: {ghom}.

Note, however, that using {-pu'} means the action of meeting him or her was
completed.  The time context is 7:15 PM, but the meeting wasn't completed at
7:15 PM.  Remember that {-pu'} is for completed aspect, not past tense.

wa'maH Hut vatlh wa'maH vagh rep jupwI' vIghom.
I met my friend at 7:15 PM.

Stardate 99934.3

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