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Re: pongwIj

jatlh Regina:
>I would like to translate my name in Klingon. Would "reghIna'" be

You can be called anything you want.

chup charghwI':
>If you were looking for a closer transliteration, at least for
>the way I've heard "Regina" pronounced, it would be more like:
>This could be altered a number of ways with glottal stops:
>Perhaps in German, the "g" is as in "go" and not as in "gee", so
>it would be more accurate as:

Assuming you're pronouncing it the English way (how I've heard it 
pronounced), I suggest {rejIy'na}. This would have the advantage of putting 
the stress on the correct syllable, qar'a'?

jatlh Voragh:
>Regina is of course Latin for "queen".  We don't know the word for this in
>Klingon, but we do have {ta'} and {voDleH}, both meaning "emperor" (we're not
>sure of the difference).  It's possible that these also mean "empress", like
>the other gender-neutral title {joH} "Lord, Lady" not to mention the military

Not to mention {ghaH} and the verb prefixes.

>The KLI-sponsored Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project (KSRP) has
>used *{ta'be'} for "queen" (in Hamlet?).  To me, this sounds more like the
>"emperor's woman" and could also mean one of his consorts or wives, not
>necessarily a reigning queen or empress.

jIQochbe'. pongvam lo'be' Regina 'e' vIqeS. 'ach wIvDaj 'oHbej.

- DujHoD

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