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Re: bIrel toQDuj 'oH'a' <Karagga>'e'

> Well...I don't think so.  The STIII BoP was smaller yes, but that's because
> it's a scout ship.  However, I beleave it could hold more than 12 men.  And
> that is what I beleave Sulu ment by "12 officers and men".  That is he ment
> 12 officers plus the crewmen.  As for the Karagga, and Dukat's BoP being
> K'Vort class, I doubt it.  We have seen K'vort Class vessels in
> "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "A matter of Honor".  And they were only
> slightly smaller thatn the Enterprise-D.  They would likely have crews of a
> few hundred.
> SuSvaj

I've been thinking about this 12 officers and men argument. It is true
that nothing Sulu said counters this interpretation, but the whole idea
behind the line was that with two or three Klingons on the surface,
(leaving 9 or 10) on the ship, most of those nine or ten would be needed
for the boarding party, leaving Maltz alone on the ship. If there were
crewmen as well, Kirk and company would never have been able to take over
the ship as easily as he did.

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