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Re: Kahless the Unforgettable

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Carleton Copeland wrote:

> If the following questions cover old ground, it's for one of two reasons:
>    I'm new to this list, and for several years I've been living in 
>    Moscow, where the Web is my only source of information on tlhingan
>    Hol. I'd thank you in advance for your advice, but that would be 
>    somewhat un-Klingon.
> 1) How does one say "Kahless the Unforgettable," "Unforgettable Kahless,"
>    or, for that matter, "Kahless cannot be forgotten"?  The best I could
>    come up with is qeylIS lIjlu'laHbe' for all three expressions (or
>    perhaps qeylIS lIjlu'laHbe'bogh for the first).  But this violates
>    the prohibition against using two suffixes of one type (Type 5) in
>    the same verb structure.

Just a note: <lIjbe'lu'> is closer to what you want to say.

The subject needn't be indefinate. I sometimes use (in my notes) <qeyleS
wIlIjlaHbe'bogh> "Kahless whom we cannot forget."

> 2) How then would you say "for Kahless the Unforgettable" (using the
>    preposition)?

*I* would say: <qeyleSvaD wIlIjlaHbe'bogh>.

Just for emphasis one can also say <qeyleS wIlIjlaHbe'taHbogh> "Kahless,,
whom we CONTINUE to not forget."
> You can call me qa'ral
'ej quljIb chopong 'e' vIchaw'

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