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Re: bIrel toQDuj 'oH'a' <Karagga>'e'?

> Well...I don't think so.  The STIII BoP was smaller yes, but that's because
> it's a scout ship.  However, I beleave it could hold more than 12 men.  And
> that is what I beleave Sulu ment by "12 officers and men".  That is he ment
> 12 officers plus the crewmen.
Jeffrey Morgan:
>I've been thinking about this 12 officers and men argument. It is true
>that nothing Sulu said counters this interpretation, but the whole idea
>behind the line was that with two or three Klingons on the surface,
>(leaving 9 or 10) on the ship, most of those nine or ten would be needed
>for the boarding party, leaving Maltz alone on the ship. If there were
>crewmen as well, Kirk and company would never have been able to take over
>the ship as easily as he did.

Precisely right.  Remember how small Krugue's ship was when it was seen on
on the ground on Mt. Seleya on Vulcan later in ST3 and in Golden Gate Park
in San Francisco in ST4.  Surely it is no coincidence that on the cutaway
poster of the B'rel BoP there are exactly twelve little Klingon crewmen (or
parts thereof) seen scattered about the ship for scale.

If that's not enough, here is the Okudas' ST Encyclopedia (1st ed.) on the
"B'rel class Bird-of-Prey":

"Small Klingon Bird-of-Prey with a crew of about a dozen, commonly used as
a scout ship. ("Rascals" [TNG]). We assume that the Bird-of-Prey in Star
Trek III was a B'rel-class ship, while the larger versions of that ship
sometimes seen on [TNG] were K'Vort-class vessels." (p.36)

Unfortunately the entry for the "K'Vort-class battle cruisers" (p.167) does
not list the crew complement.  Does the 2nd ed. of STE or the Omnipedia CD
do so?

Kruge's ship thus had a total complement, or "company" {wey} as Okrand puts
it in KGT (p.50), of 12 (officers {yaS} and troops {QaS} together):  1
captain (Kruge), 2 officers (Maltz and Torg), 1 sergeant (who led the
landing party to the Genesis Planet, his rank is specified in the
novelization), leaving 8 no-rank crewmen {beq}.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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