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My fight!

 I joined this list and watched for some time. I wrote a little "fight"
song. It is my first piece. I would be honored if someone would critique the
"Klingonese" and point out my errors! I used my Dictionary and pojwI' for
windows created by d'Armand Speers.


nIteb jIQam.
jaghpu' muDech, Dk'taghhwIj jIvaHHa'.
muchol, vIloS, vIlul.
may' 'ej yay jIwup. 
'Iwchaj nguvmoH che'ron
tIqchaj jISop. 
juH jIghoS 'ej jIleS.

I stand alone.
My enemies surround me, I unsheath my Dk'tagh.
They come for me, I wait, I fight them.
Battle and triumph I burst into song
Their blood stains the battlefield.
I eat their heart.
I am happy!
I go home and rest.

Qapla''ej batlh ghoS!

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