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Re: KLBC: juHqo' (Hoghvam)

Guido #1vo':

>[Ohio]Daq jIyIntaH je jIH
>[Indiana]vo' wej ben mapaw
>pIj mu'ItmoH muDDotlh
>qaStaHvIS bovbIr moHqu' muDDotlh jay'
>peDpu'DI' chIjlaHchu'be' Hoch Duj
>chuchDaq chaq paw'chuq Duj
>qaStaHvIS bovtuj muDDotlh vImaS jIH
>'ach naDev tujchoHDI' qay' ghew law'
>[Ohio]Daq nuQwI' law' cherghnISlu'bej

nuqDaq "Ohio"Daq?
"Toledo"Daq jISaHlaw'.
chaq maghomlaH'a'?

Sorry, Guido, you are wrong.  The KD clearly states on page 19 that compound 
nouns are made up of nouns, and ONLY nouns.  Yes, I understood what you meant, 
but this is one of those times when we say "Maltz has't given us the word 
yet", and leave it at that.  So you put "summer" in there in quotes... big 
deal.  We cope. {{:)

I only skimmed Guido's translation for errors, so I hope there aren't a lot of 
them out there glaring at me, that I am going to pay for later... {{:(


Where in Ohio?
I'm in Toledo.
Can we get together?

--HoD trI'Qal

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