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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq jIyInlI'

trI'Qal responds to me thus:

> boghDI' ghura', juta' 'e' vIpoQ!

Um, {juta'}?  I hope you mean {juja'}!

> loDHom be'Hom ghap DaneHqu''a'?

Um, yes.  Is there another choice?

> 'ej pong bowIvta''a'?

HIja'.  "Alexander Logan Speers" "Chloe Elaine Speers" je.  And no, 
"Alexander" is not after Whorf's son!

> Actually, you did fine... except for one small boo-boo.  You had the wrong 
> prefix in the second line, on <jIHaDlI'>.

Darn darn darn!  Qu'vatlh!  I knew that.

> Your "if it is a boy or a girl" is 
> a bif of an iffy construct (if you pardon my puns. {{:) ). 

I knew I was stretching the bounds of good grammar, but I was pressed 
for a better translation.  I like your suggestion!

> loDHom be'Hom ghap 'oHchugh. 

ghorgh bogh ghu, qaja'!


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