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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq jIyInlI'


>[Virginia]Daq jIyInlI'
>[Georgetown]Daq HolQeD jIHaDlI'
>wej nem jIrIn
>ghojmoq ghaH be'nalwI''e'
>yatlh ghaH
>tugh bogh ghuma'
>loDHom 'oHchugh pagh be'Hom 'oHchugh 'e' wISov wIneHbe'
>tlhIngan HolDaq jIghItlhDI', reH jIQaghlaw'
>('ej muja' Qanqor {{:) )
>tugh pabpo' vImojmo', jIDubbej 'e' vIlay'qu'

boghDI' ghura', juta' 'e' vIpoQ!
loDHom be'Hom ghap DaneHqu''a'?
'ej pong bowIvta''a'?

Actually, you did fine... except for one small boo-boo.  You had the wrong 
prefix in the second line, on <jIHaDlI'>.  Your "if it is a boy or a girl" is 
a bif of an iffy construct (if you pardon my puns. {{:) ).  I would have just 
said: loDHom be'Hom ghap 'oHchugh.  I don't think you need the 'e' in that 
line, either... you don't have a complete sentence.  Yes, I think you 
definitely don't want 'e'... they are subordinate clauses.  That means that 
<wISov> would also be <maSov>... make sense?


You must tell us when your child is born!
Do you hope for a boy or a girl?
And have you choosen a name yet?

--HoD trI'Qal

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