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Re: KLBC: juHqo' (Hoghvam)

>nuqDaq "Ohio"Daq?
>"Toledo"Daq jISaHlaw'.
>chaq maghomlaH'a'?

"Lexington"Daq jIyIntaH
"Mansfield"Daq maSum
"South"majDaq 'oHtaH "Columbus"'e'
"Columbus"Daq mapawmeH qaSnIS wa' rep malengtaHvIS
"Lexington" DajuSchugh, HIja'
"Toledo" vIjuSchugh, qaja'
tlhIngan Hol jatlhbogh latlh vIghom chaq 'e' vIparHa'

>Sorry, Guido, you are wrong.  The KD clearly states on page 19 that compound

>nouns are made up of nouns, and ONLY nouns.  Yes, I understood what you
>but this is one of those times when we say "Maltz has't given us the word 
>yet", and leave it at that.  So you put "summer" in there in quotes... big 
>deal.  We cope. {{:)

Ok, so maybe it should have been {bov tuj}. If you can figure out what it
means, what's the big deal. Actually, that's one of NickNicholas's creations.
He has a lot of good ideas, imesho. I only wish Krankor (and loyal
Krankorians, like charghwI') didn't get so annoyed by him. 

>I only skimmed Guido's translation for errors, so I hope there aren't a lot
>them out there glaring at me, that I am going to pay for later... {{:(


>Where in Ohio?
>I'm in Toledo.
>Can we get together?

>--HoD trI'Qal

My translation:

I live in Lexington.
We're near Mansfield.
To our south is Columbus.
Driving to Columbus takes one hour. (Literally: To arrive at Columbus, one
hour must occur, while we travel).
Tell me, if you pass Lexington.
I'll tell you, if I pass Toledo.
I might like to meet up with another speaker of Klingon.

I hope those subordinate clauses I used didn't scare anyone off.

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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