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'puter flashcards

Here is my idea of a good instructional computer program for tlhIngan Hol
This is strictly (for now) used for memorizing vocabulary. A computerized
flashcard if you will.
1) the student enters words and thier translations into the program.
2) as the program progresses it will display a word in either 
english or klingon and the student must type in the correct translation.
3) the student is notified whether the  the translation  given is
correct and if not the correct translation is shown.
4) when it is incorrect the word is cycled by to be repeated within the 
next few choises and as the student continues to correctly translate
the  word it takes more tried (and time) for thewrod to be repeated
Well that is my idea. 
I have no programing ability but it seems this would be a simple 
program to produce.
Does anyone want to take on the task?

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