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Re: KBLC - RE: Help please

>Yeah, you use the superlative. I am not so sure about that. What is the most
>preferable really doesn't fit my ear when you compare two things. But it is
>probably cleaner than my version, I see why use it. But I would like to know
>is my sentence grammatical? (nuq qaq law' nuq qaq puS) Can it be done, I mean
>two {nuq}s in one sentence?

Sure, why not?  It doesn't say you can't, it doesn't even imply you
can't.  I certainly see nothing wrong, for instance, with saying
something like:

jIyajbe; 'Iv HoHta' 'Iv?     "I don't understand; who killed whom?"

So, "nuq qaq law' nuq qaq puS" works for me; of course, I don't
remember what the original intent was as far as meaning.


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