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Re: law'/puS

Guido #1vo':

>>Just to throw some oil on the fire ;-), there are human languages
>>that will NOT allow two adjectival modifiers* on the same noun;
>>they require something like "ship large which is green".  Maybe
>>Klingon requires you to join the modifying verbs with "and" ('ej,
>>of course, not je):  Duj tIn 'ej SuD.
>>bImISDI' yImISmoH!
>>- marqem
>I like this use of {'ej} to separate two adjectival verbs modifying the same
>noun. It seems more correct to me because they are really still verbs with
>the {-bogh}'s hacked off and placed on the other side of the noun.

'e' vIparqu'.  <'ej> vIleghDI', mu'tlhegh chu' naQ vInejlI'

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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