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Re: 'puter flashcards

On Thu, 24 Mar 1994, David Barron wrote:

> Here is my idea of a good instructional computer program for tlhIngan Hol
> students.
> This is strictly (for now) used for memorizing vocabulary. A computerized
> flashcard if you will.
> 1) the student enters words and thier translations into the program.
> 2) as the program progresses it will display a word in either 
> english or klingon and the student must type in the correct translation.

Ok, I don't quite understand what you're saying here.  Do you want the
student to put in a whole dictionary, then have a question & answer
session, or have the questions thrown up randomly while the student is in
the middle of entering words?  Incidentally, someone else said they wanted
a disk containing a whole load of Klingon words, but I think that puts us 
back in the old copyright problem.

> 3) the student is notified whether the  the translation  given is
> correct and if not the correct translation is shown.

Yep, that sounds easy enough.  Mind you, what happens when a word has more
than one meaning?  Do you want them to type in all of the alternatives, or
just one?

> 4) when it is incorrect the word is cycled by to be repeated within the 
> next few choises and as the student continues to correctly translate
> the  word it takes more tried (and time) for thewrod to be repeated
> again.

I'm sorry, I'm probably being really stupid here, but I don't understand
what you're saying.  Is the idea that you have a constant stream of
questions, and then the same one gets repeated fairly quickly if you get 
it wrong?  That seems easy enough.  I have to confess that the rest of 
your sentence went totally over my head.

> Well that is my idea. 
> I have no programing ability but it seems this would be a simple 
> program to produce.
> Does anyone want to take on the task?

Yeah sure, I'll give it a bash, for a DOS PC first, then maybe a Unix
version at some later date.  If you could answer the questions I've raised
then that would be a great help.  (I'm doing a Computer Science degree,
and we've been told loads of stuff about proper Design phases blah blah
blah ...)


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