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Re: 'puter flashcards

> Here is my idea of a good instructional computer program for tlhIngan Hol
> students.
> This is strictly (for now) used for memorizing vocabulary. A computerized
> flashcard if you will.
> 1) the student enters words and thier translations into the program.
> 2) as the program progresses it will display a word in either
> english or klingon and the student must type in the correct translation.
> 3) the student is notified whether the  the translation  given is
> correct and if not the correct translation is shown.
> 4) when it is incorrect the word is cycled by to be repeated within the
> next few choises and as the student continues to correctly translate
> the  word it takes more tried (and time) for thewrod to be repeated
> again.
> Well that is my idea.
> I have no programing ability but it seems this would be a simple
> program to produce.
> Does anyone want to take on the task?

I'm very interested in your idea, but the problem is, that I haven't
any dictionnary to get the words. (is there someone that has this
already written on disks ????).
I'll begin this program with the few words I know.

I'll send it to you in a few days.

					   				A student who loves tlhIngan Hol
P.S.: For which machine should I do it, Unix and/or PC ?

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