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KBLC - RE: Help, please


>I was originally thinking of something along these lines:
>porgh righ SiHtaH maSbej (some sort of conjunction) yab qal bechtaH maSbejbe'.
>(It is certainly preferable to continually endure a lame body; it certainly
>not preferable to continually suffer a corrupt mind.)
>Or something like that.  But I still don't find either of these to be really
>acceptable.  BTW, please excuse grammar mistakes; I'm still learning.

So I bring this to the KBLC, and correct your errors. for you. {{:)  first, 
<SIHtaH> and <bechtaH> still need verb prefixes, even if in English they were 
in the "to <verb>" form.  I would recommend simply putting a -lu' on each, and  
then using the sentence-as-object construction with <maS>:

porgh rIgh SIHlu'taH net maSbej 'ej yab qal bechlu'taH net maSbejbe'
"One certainly prefers that someone/thing continually endures a lame body; one 
certainly doesn't prefer that someone/thing continually suffers a sorrupt 

Please note that <maS> doesn't mean "to be preferable"; It means "to prefer".  
Look at your English for what you submitted here again... If you don't see 
what I mean, say so, and I will explain.

>Anybody got any better ideas?

I sent all of my other ideas in a seperate post.

--HoD trI'Qal

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