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KBLC - RE: Other nations


>jatlh ghuyDo' wa':
>> What I would really really really really REALLY like to see is use of
>> tlhIngan Hol *outside* the English-speaking community.
>> International/interlinguistic communication in tlhIngan Hol would greatly
>> enrich and expand our understanding of the language. Has anyone done 
>> in the way of putting together a book designed to explain tlhIngan Hol to
>> speakers of other Terran languages? Would this violate some sort of
>> copyright? (I wouldn't think so, since it seems impossible to copyright a
>> language, even an artificial one).
>[England]ngan jIHbe'. *QoweySa'*Daq (Croatia) jIyIn.
>jabbI'ID law'be' vIghItlh, 'ach tlhIngan Hol jIghojqu' 'ej jabbI'IDmeyraj
>	jIlaD 'e' vItIvqu'.

Qanqor has asked me to keep my eyes open for beginning students who post 
outside the KLBC, and to correct their posts as well... so I am correcting 
this under the KLBC header.  This was correct, but for two errors:  you used 
jI- instead of vI- in <jIghojqu'> and <jIlaD>.  For <ghoj>, you have the 
object <tlhIngan Hol>, and for <laD>, you have the object <jabbI'IDmeyraj>.  
Since qoran had several verbs in there with the right prefixes, I am not going 
to go into any more detail why it should be vI- instead of jI-, but I 
encourage all of you to re-read the section on prefixes, (pages 32-34) and to 
try to be a bit more attentive of them.  If I am still seeing confusion on 
this in later posts, I will post something in much more detail for you.

--HoD trI'Qal

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