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Subject: KLBC

latlhmey jabbI'IDmey vIlaD 'ej jIghItlh je 'e' vIwuq
"Virginia"Daq jIyIntaH
jIQuchmeH nIv Daqvam
"Shannon" Du'Daq jIyIntaH
naDev yIntaH javmaH nuv
vaghvatlh "acre" ngaS puHmaj
ngem yotlhmey je ngaS puHmaj
puHDaq Hemey puS ghoS bIQtiqHommey
nadev wa' bIQtiq mach tu'lu' je
puHvam wIghajmeH matay'
wuqmeH ghom, ghIb Hoch
mu'mey law'qu' vIghItlhchugh vaj DalaD 'e' Damev
DaH jImev

If you don't want to read English, cover the rest of this 
transmission with a piece of paper, if necessary. If you peek 
and don't learn, it's your own loss.

I read the posts of others and I decide that I will write also.
I live in Virginia.
I am happiest here [For the purpose that I am happy, this place 
is superior.]
I live at Shannon Farm.
Sixty people live here.
Our land contains 500 acres.
Our land contains forest and fields.
Creeks follow a few courses on the land.
There is also a small river here. [One finds a small river here 
We are together for the purpose that we have this land.
Everyone consents for the purpose that the group decides.
[Do you want to suggest a BETTER way to explain consensus in 
If I write too many words, you will stop reading them.
I stop now.


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