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>latlhmey jabbI'IDmey vIlaD 'ej jIghItlh je 'e' vIwuq
>"Virginia"Daq jIyIntaH
>jIQuchmeH nIv Daqvam
>"Shannon" Du'Daq jIyIntaH
>naDev yIntaH javmaH nuv
>vaghvatlh "acre" ngaS puHmaj
>ngem yotlhmey je ngaS puHmaj
>puHDaq Hemey puS ghoS bIQtiqHommey
>nadev wa' bIQtiq mach tu'lu' je
>puHvam wIghajmeH matay'
>wuqmeH ghom, ghIb Hoch
>mu'mey law'qu' vIghItlhchugh vaj DalaD 'e' Damev
>DaH jImev

Except for a place or two where charghwI' missed a captial letter, this was a 
beautiful post.  I would like to point our a few of the best points as 

In the third line, charghwI' offered a very good alternative for a possibly 
complicated law'/puS construction .  I almost mis-interpreted it, though, as a 
mis-translated "I am happy because this site is superior"  What he has is much 
simpler, cleaner, and more easily understood than any law'/puS contruction I 
could think of, saying the same thing. majQa'!!!

I also wanted to note his use of -Hom in the 6th sentence from the end.  The 
noun suffixes -Hom and -'a' seem to be mis-used to mean "small" and "big," but 
charghwI' gives us an excellent example of the proper use of -Hom on <bIQtIq>, 
changing it from "river" to "creek."  The use of -Hom and -'a' can and do 
change the noun they are attached to in this fashion.  This is a *superb* 
example of their proper use.

Finally, charghwI' provides another good example of when NOT to use tense-
markers in his second-to-last sentence.  The idea that the second half, <DalaD 
'e' Damev>, occurs in the future is understood completely from the context.

--HoD trI'Qal

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