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Re: KLBC: Spring Break

>From: Captain Krankor <[email protected]>
>Date: Mon, 14 Mar 94 16:18:46 -0700
>Subject: Re:  KLBC:  Spring Break
>>DaH poH'a' vIghajmo' jIghIQlaH 'ach jIneHqu'nISmo' jIghIQQo'
>>I've got time for a vacation now, but I have too much work to do, so I'm
>>not going on a vacation.
>Am I the only person who got left in the dust here?  I'm unclear how
>one gets "I have too much work to do" out of jIneHqu'nISmo'.  I get
>"because I need to WANT".  Maybe it wanted to be jIvumqu'nISmo'?

Yes, that was my mistake.  I got neH mixed up with vum for some reason...

>>Before the translations, I've a question for the grammarians...  This I'll
>>also do in Klingon (I spent the time, I'm gonna do it!  And you can't
>>stop me!  :)
>>neH "'ach jIneHqu'nISmo' jIghIQQo'" 'e' mu'tlhegh pImDaq vIjatlhlaHpu''a'
>>I'll translate this right off the bat...
>>Could I have said "'ach jIneHqu'nISmo' jIghiQQo'" in a separate sentence?
>>Is it possible/how would I create a "But..." sentence?
>Well, first, let's disect the question itself.  First off, we get
>that strange use of neH again.  This time, I suspect it is intended
>as the adverbial, meaning "merely, just".  Recall, though, that the
>rule is *special* for this neH-- unlike other adverbials, it
>*follows* the thing it modifies.

This I didn't realize.  It was intended to be an adverbial for merely, just

Thanks for the corrections; hope I can remember them for the next time... :)



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