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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw

On Fri, 11 Mar 1994 14:05:43 -0500, ...Paul wrote:

>>From: Al Goodnis <[email protected]>
>>Date: Fri, 11 Mar 94 13:31:27 EST
>>Subject: Re: KBLC:  jIbeplaw
>>	What I was attempting to lament about is that having the answers on the
>>same page on the print outs I bring home,  destroys my learning.  I disagree
>>with the "I know how to use a dictionary" argument.  If you get sick of flippi
>>pages, LEARN the words.  This would *help* you learn them,  as you would stop
>>flipping pages as you LEARNED the language.
>Hmm...  This makes me wonder...  How is everyone else learning / has learned

I started almost a year ago.  At first I learned the basic concepts of 
grammer.  Unlike Guido, I am not a linguist and English is the only 
language I know more than a few dozen words.  Once I did that I developed a 
cheat sheet (acutally 2 pages) which lists the rules I found confusing or 
difficult to remember (that's most of them).  After that I began to post 
things here to the list.  I got corrected a lot, but that is part of the 
learning process.

I think the thing which helped me the most was the month that Krankor 
decided that  there was to much English being used on the list, and he 
posted EVERYTHING he did in tlhIngan Hol.  This included all the 
corrections/comments about me attempted posts.  While I was not really all 
that thrilled about wading through his correctons, I was stubborn enough to 
do it.  This helped me become more familier with the grammer and the words.

It is because of this experience that I DO NOT LIKE the posting of the 
translation with the tlhIngan Hol.  I know that given the chance, I'll 
either be lazy and not even try, or I'll cheat to make my attempted 
translation match the given one regardless of who is correct.  I realize 
that not everyone will fall into this trap, but I think some of us will.

After I worked on that, I am an still working on the grammer (both English 
and tlhIngan  Hol) and the affixes.  I try to learn about a dozen new words 
a week, using a program called WINFLASH, I have made several sets of 
"cards" which I try to drill a few times a week.  This and the KLBC portion 
of the list are helping greatly in my attempt to learn the language.
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