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Re: KBLC: jIbeplaw

>Hmm...  This makes me wonder...  How is everyone else learning / has learned

I started familiarizing myself with the language about two years ago. Altho,
my progress was probably abnormally fast because I already had studied other
languages and understood many linguistic and grammatical concepts that other
(normal) people might not understand at first.

What I did was to read over the grammatical section of TKD several times,
very slowly, carefully digesting all the information. Any grammar rules or
concepts that I missed on the first time around, I picked up on the second,
third, or fourth re-reading.

The first part of the language I memorized were the affixes (mostly suffixes,
their meaning *and* position after a word, i.e., type 1, 2, 3, etc.), since
these are probably the most commonly used part of the language. Also, being
able to recognize affixes is very helpful. If you see a heavily-affixed word
like {jImaw'choHlaw'}, it is much easier if you can recognize the affixes
right away. Otherwise you'll be scouring the appendix, looking thru that list
of affixes. But if you know your affixes already, you will recognize that
{jI-} is a verbal prefix (so you know the word is a verb) and that {-choH}
and {-law'} are suffixes, and therefore the root must be {maw'}, and that's
all you'll have to look up.

jI-       verbal prefix </I/-/no object/>
maw'      verb /be crazy/
-choH     verb suffix /change, begin, become/
-law'     verb suffix /apparently/
"I am apprently becoming crazy"

Guido#1, Leader of All Guidos

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