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Re: KLBC: Passing Time

Paul responds to trI'qal responding to Paul:
> As for the derivation of De'wI'...  There IS a mu' tlhIngan "De'"...  "De'"
> is a noun, and means data, or information.  De'wI' is not a standard
> construction, but the connection is pretty obvious...
> ...Paul

     Sorry to tread into the grammarian's more appropriate turf, but I just
find {mu' tlhIngan} jarring and feel a need to nip this one in the bud.
{tlhIngan} is a noun. It is not an adjectival verb. We may not all agree on
which verbs can be used adjectivally, but we ALL agree that nouns in general
and this noun in particular is NEVER an adjectival verb. That means you have
a noun-noun construction meaning, "the word's Klingon" or "the Klingon of the
word", both of which are waaay off base.

     It's great to see you write so much so often and so often well. Just
don't carry our English tendency to use "Klingon" as an adjective over to
using "tlhIngan" adjectivally. Okay?


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