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Re: Including Translations

> Subj:	RE: Including Translations

> => >Do you want me to start including the terran translations for everything I 
> => >send to you?  Will that help you?  It isn't a problem...
> 	I have mixed feelings about this.  Although its nice to see the
> translation, it is also worth the effort to work toward the answers before
> seeing them.
> 	Why not put out the tlhIngan Hol,  and then later on post the 
> translations to give us some time to work it out.

I would suggest writing the tlhIngan Hol, and then some kind of 
warning, such as ---ENGLISH TRANSLATION BELOW!!---, and then follow 
with the translation.  I'm against double posts of the kind you 
suggest, qor, because of the volume of mail I already receive!

> 	Qapla'
> 	 -qor


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