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Re: KLBC "Parrot"

------ When I parsed out that last sentence I got;
-jatlhlaHlaw'bogh : which is seemingly able to speak
-Ha'DIbaH	 : animal
-'oH		 : it (pronoun)
-Sajvam'e'	 : this Pet (Topic)
-I beleive this translates to "This pet is an animal which is seemingly 
-able to speak."  If I got that right,  why is the pronoun 'oH needed here?
-Why not;  jatlhlaHlaw' Ha'DIbah Sajvam'e'
-	Qapla'
-	 -qor

Your translation was absolutely correct; that is exactly what I meant to say.  
I will not answer the question about 'oH, since others have done so already.

-OTOH, on the assumption that a Saj has to be a Ha'DIbaH, you
-could just say
-     jatlhlaHlaw' Sajvam
-and be done with it.
-- marqem

The reason I didn't do it this way, is because I was stating what the thing 
WAS.  If there had been a Klingon word for "parrot" or "bird", I would have 
put it there.  Since there isn't any such words, I put in a decriptive 
translation, and then gave the terran word after (in the next sentence).  
Sometimes, I think too much like a Klingon, it seems.  If what I just said 
makes no sense, forget it.  I was thinking of the translation as a whole 
rather than individual lines.  The idea of the KLBC isn't STYLE, it is making 
yourself understood... and as long as I was understood (as it seems I was), I 
am not going to worry about it.

And besides, qor got to learn some new grammar from it. :)

"Matt Whiteacre"vo':

-Saj vIghajbe'
-be'nal wej puqbe' je vIghaj
-tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbe'
-"parrot"vaD tlhIngan Hol DaghojmoHghach DuH law'  <- Continue on next line
-               qorDu'vaD tlhIngan Hol vIghojmoHghach DuH puS
-targh [a dog] luneH puqbe'oypu'wI'
-Is there a better way to say that monster sentence I have?  Is what I have 
-even correct?  The intension was to compare trI'Qal's likelihood of 
-teaching his parrot to the likelihood of me teaching my family.

Ewwww... I like the law'/puS construction, and, at first glance, what you have 
appears grammatical (I am purposely ignoring the various debates on -ghach and 
whether or not you can use it on verbs with prefixes here, so PLEASE don't 
start!).  I understood what you were saying.  I would have said it slightly 
differently, though.  In this case, you could have gotten away with something 
like this:

	tlhInagan Hol lughojpa' qorDu'wIj, tlhIngan Hol jatlhlaH "parrot"lIj.

"Before my family learns Klingon, your parrot will be able to speak it."

Does that work for you?

Now, my reply:

wa'logh targh vIghajpu'.
'oHvaD "Max" wIpongta'.
QaQ targhmey.
targhmey vIparHa'.
juHmajDaq SaHDI' qorDu'wIj, 'avta' "Max".
reHchuqlaH je puqpu' targhmey je.
'ach puqpu'lI'vaD targh Daje'chugh, chaq luQorghnIS puqpu'lI'.  {{:)

Do you want me to start including the terran translations for everything I 
send to you?  Will that help you?  It isn't a problem...

'ej be' jIHbejqu'.  {{;)

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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