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Re: KBTP: cumulative vocabulary?

On Wed, 2 Mar 1994, joel peter anderson wrote:

> Question for online KBTP participants:
>     Is there/has anyone thought to compile a "lexicon of terms" for 
>     translators?  I have not begun to fight... er, translate, my book,
>     but as I began to organize, I realize it would be useful to us all
>     if we could have a means to standardize our vocabulary.   I realize
>     that this is all available if I just read everything EVERYONE is 
>     doing.... but a central 'word' repository *would* enforce consistency
>     and speed the task...  

Mark has answered this question already and I would just like to add a
little to his comments.  For the initial period of this project, I would
like to leave most of the terms up to the individual translators.  (Mark
and I have already discussed divine names in Hebrew but never mind that). 
This will allow all the translators to be as creative as possible.  After
about 25% of the Bible has been completed in rough draft form, Mark
and I, along with Jonathan VanHoose (the New Testament editor), will sit
down and compare the translations.  We will cross check the manuscripts
and see which translator devised the best translation for particular
terms.  This will only be done for certain words which occur frequently
or have special significance (like grace, blessing, gold, cow, and holy).
The other manuscripts will them be edited to bring them in line with the
"official" translation, but being careful to take account of special uses
of certain biblical terms.  After that is done we will circulate a list of
the terms we have selected so that future books can be translated with
these words in mind.

Kevin A. Wilson

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