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Beginners' Grammarian

Ok, the window is closed for applications to be the Beginners' Grammarian.

Four people volunteered, and I think that all four are strong candidates.
So we'll go on a rotation system, so that everybody gets a chance.
One person at time will hold the post for some period of time (a
month or two-- we'll see how it goes), then the next person will get
it.  I have arbitrarily assigned a tentative order for them.

The first Beginners' Grammarian, effective immediately, is trI'Qal.
She gets to go first based on her obvious enthousiasm for the
project (she was the first to respond and has pestered me repeatedly
about it {{:-)

Next in line will be Marnen, who earns second spot by impressing me
in that, for once, he actually used correct casing in his mail to
me.  Such behavior deserves to be rewarded.  {{:-)

Next will be Holtej, a long time member of this list, if I'm
remembering correctly, who describes himself as not being the
"loudest in the chorus."  Well, we'll be hearing his voice more when
his turn comes up.  {{:-)

And finally will go charghwI', who ends up last mostly because he
wasn't completely sure he has the time to do the job at this time.
Hopefully his turn will come up at a time when he is less busy.

Again, I remind people to leave beginners' conversation corrections
to the current Beginners' Grammarian and, unlike the main list, also
back off on stylistic points as well.  This includes the existing
grammarians (mark and myself), who will also lay off of beginners'
corrections (got that mark?), but who will pay attention that the
BG's corrections are accurate and correct.

Finally, I again strongly implore people to put some kind of
*beginner* notice at the head of specifically-beginner-oriented
mail-- the subject header is not enough.  I don't care what you use
for the notice (*beginner*, *ghojchoHwI'pu'vaD*, whatever), just
something to remind people-- who don't always read subject headers
as well as they might (including myself)-- of what level we're on.



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