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Re: KLBC "Parrot"

On Mar 2,  9:01am, Al Goodnis wrote:
> Subject: Re: KLBC "Parrot"
> => jatlhlaHlaw'bogh Ha'DIbaH 'oH Sajvam'e'.
>         nuq jatlh?  mu'tlheghraj vIyajbe'.

     Ummm. {nuqjatlh} is one word. If you wanted to express "What did you
say?" it would have to be {nuq Dajalthpu'}. Yours says, "What does he/she/it

> I beleive this translates to "This pet is an animal which is seemingly 
> able to speak."  If I got that right,  why is the pronoun 'oH needed here?
> Why not;  jatlhlaHlaw' Ha'DIbah Sajvam'e'

     Well, that says, "This animal's pet can apparently speak." In the
original text, he is using the pronoun in its other function, which is the
verb "to be" [TKD 6.3]. This particular style of using pronouns to connect
two nouns is given by example in at least one of the audio tapes. As much as
I usually preach against the overuse of this, in this particular case, this
is exactly the way it is supposed to be used.

>         Qapla'
>          -qor

     SoHvaD Qapla' je


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