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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] qepHom 2015 with Marc Okrand

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

This sounds much like my wife (from New Zealand).  She drops many of her "r"s, but then I found them
popping up where they shouldn't be... and of course she denies it.
"car" becomes "ca"
"saw" becomes "soar"

And in this general thread, the mention of the French j...  whether it be discussing Klingon, or
other places I have come across it, I don't know French.  I've always wondered, why would a book
written for an American audience (not just TKD) make a comparison to a foreign sound?
Stereotypically, Americans are not familiar with other languages.  Even after a couple decades with
this hobby of studying languages, Klingon, Thai, Arabic, Maori, and a few others, I still have no
idea what TKD means where it says "never ever as in French /jour/."

-- DloraH

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Anthony Appleyard [] 
> I don't know how many members of KLI are British, but I am in 
> England and my pronunciation is standard British arhotic. 
> Arhoticness is another thing affecting pronunciation here. 
> For example, I pronounce "large" as {la:j} with no r-sound, 
> and I pronounce "Thor" and "thaw" identically. I do not 
> drawl; I keep short vowels short. British people learning 
> Klingon would need to make an effort to pronounce {r} at the 
> ends of syllables and in {rgh}.

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